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Product RD Strategy & Innovation

Strategy on Key Technologies

The increasing of energy request year by year mainly rely on massive petro-chemistry energy that although enhance economy and civilization growth but brought dramatic CO2 increase and global warming.  Hence, the best solution to get the win-win policy shall be the development of new green energy which has been the global main stream positively acting among countries. As one of the global village, Rooster Lighting has been involved in solar energy business for years.  


Strategy on RD & Innovation

Share of RD & Innovation on total revenue: 3%

Share of employee participation on RD & Innovation: 7 ppl

Only through continuous innovation, creation, source integration, and application on product quality the company can be much more competitive under the speedy developing world. The implementation of the innovation strategy has to go through technologies promotion and effective market survey to obtain, create, and integrate the source that will be applied on production and RD process. 



Quality Warranty

We believe strong QC system is the staunch backing of the innovation. Thus employees from each department like purchasing, assemblying, RD shall be involved in the production process to respond to any problem for further correction. In addition, each lighting fixture has to be surveyed by the meter in the optical laboratory to make the detail product specification.  


Product Innovation

Interdisciplinary Cooperation

One-stop service for the customer:

Design & Programme > Lighting Fixtures advice > In House Fixtures Production > Fixtures Installation & Survey

We create innovative green energy product through interdisciplinary cooperation. With our professional team and production capability to offer the whole set lighting solution, customer can give up the traditional thinking and save more cost and time. 


Strategic Alliance from Different Business Sectors

Our design team cooperated with concerned business on public transportation system to create series of green energy bus shelter with LED and traditional lighting. Furthermore, the simple sectional bus shelter system has been installed both on domestic and international locale to refresh the traffic culture.