Public Transportation Lighting Design|Gangshan South Station at Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Location │ Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Completion │ 2013 / 06

Public Transportation Lighting Design

The Glass Treasure - Kaohsiung MRT Gangshan South Station

R24 Gangshan South Station at Kaohsiung MRT is with island platform in a two storey RC building. Its curve design rendering MRT's speed and safety, and give a soft and smooth look to the station. Exit 1, connecting to teh Provincial Highway is a steel structure building with colored glass. The artistic design becomes the landmakrs in Gangshan area. In the station, the building design is based on reducing carbon emissions. The semi-open area not only provides the transportation service, but also become a beautiful observation deck to overlooking the area.




Lighting Design

Rooster Lighting is pleasure to do the lighting design for this beautiful station. At the exit 1, LED pendant lights and projection lights are used to lighten up the original beautiful structure and create a glass treasure box look. Inside the station, customized globe lighting locating in the centre gives the plain space extra look. It is like the artwork decorating the space. Outside the station on the walkway, customized bollard light with opal anti-glaring shade are giving warm welcome to everyone arriving the station.

With many years professional lighting design experience, lighting fixtures are added delicately showing the architectural advantages in the night time.