Riverbank Lighting Design|Dong-Gang Jinde Bridge Lighting Ceremony at Pingtung, Taiwan

Location │ Dong-Gang, Pingtung

Completion │ 2014 / 01

Riverbank Lighting Design

Dong-Gang Jinde Bridge Lighting Ceremony at Pingtung, Taiwan

Our latest project was to transform this 440 meters long red basket-style landscape arch bridge is like the rainbow crossing the Dong-Gang Creek.

Therefore, Pingtung government organized a grand bridge lighting ceremony to show citizens of this great design on April 27th, 2014. The beautiful bridge lighting reflection shine with the Dong-Gang riverbank scenery, this place has become a new tourism spot at southern Taiwan.




Lighting Design 

The goal of the design is to attract more tourists and active local economic in Dong-Gang.

Pingtung Jinde Bridge is a beautiful red arch bridge. To highlight its original well-known structure, the outer arch and the inner surface are using white and amber floodlights respectively to show the three-dimensional structure.The harpers-like steel cables are decorated are decorated with blue and white LED lights which sparkle like the stars at night. Except the basic lightings, the main show of this bridge are the  high-power RGB color lights setting on both sides of the bridge. From slow self-changing, flowing light to even beating patterns are available on this bridge. Rooster Lighting offers high specification lighting fixtures successfully create this charming project.

Jinde Bridge’s lighting decoration not only beautifies the area, but also creates a sightseeing spot for the nearby parks. At night, the riverside walkway near Dong-Gang Creek is the best place to admire this work of art. The reflection of the bridge creates a beautiful night time landscape, which transformed the at riverside becomes the great relaxing place. 



Use of the Technologies