Bus Station Lighting Design, Taiwan

Location │ Fengshan, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan

Completion Date │ 2013 / 06

Bus Station Lighting Design

Balloon Image Bus Station: Fengshan Station  

Recent years, there are more and more public arts set at the transit facilities in Kaohsiung City. The MRT or bus stations are like the exhibition spaces, which enhance the urban cultural development. Thus, highlighting the value of transportation system, as well as providing a better artistic culture life style is the major focus of the government.

Lighting Design   

Rooster Lighting was assigned to do the lighting design for Da-Dong Bus Transit station, which is the colorful hot air balloon like design, in order to create a lively carnival atmosphere and carries the design concept from the opposite Da-Dong Art Center. Through our unique lighting design approach, passengers can now enjoy in a comfortable environment waiting for the buses. More importantly, the lighting design has successfully enhanced the literary atmosphere for the art center and its surrounding environment at night.

In all lighting design projects, we always starts from designer’s point of view, sets off the architecture with delicate lights to show the building’s character. At the same time, there is also consideration from the users’ point of view. Our aim is to provide the most comfortable lighting environment to all users, with our top quality lighting fixtures and the unique lighting design approach.