Bicycle Path Lighting Design, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan

LOCATION │ Kaohsiugn, Taiwan

COMPLETION │ 2012 / 10


Kaohsiung Harbor Railway to Bicycle Pathway


The hundred -year-old Kaohsiung Harbor Railway Station belongs to TRA (Taiwan Railways Administration) Main Line. Due to city renewal, this station is no longer in use. The vast switch yard has been shifted to become a bicycle route and the culture-artistic activities site as part of railway sightseeing place. By preserve the local history and culture while adding the new elements, this site transformation design has received the 2012 Architectural Yuan Yie Award.





Lighting Design 

In order to express the old culture atmosphere, the pathway guide lights were installed on the original train interchanger to keep the railway image. These light fittings are featured with low light pollution design. The 360-degree diffuser and light guide plate can not only enhance the range of illumination, but also shelter 85% of discomfort glares. Therefore, light can be directed to the ground and enhance the ground luminance,which provides safer place for citizens and cyclists. The design has transformed the unique Kaohsiung Harbor Railway Station culture into a great tourism spot.