Bei-Hu Railway Station, Taoyuan County, Taiwan

LOCATION │ Taoyuan County, Taiwan

COMPLETION│ 2012 / 07


The most beautiful railway station in Taiwan.

Bei-Hu Station, is located between Fu-Gang Station (Taoyuan County) and Hu-Kou Station (Hsinchu County). The entire station is constructed by the lightweight tree structure with the full-face solar roofs. The platform space is designed to imitate the shade of the tree.

Bei-Hu Station has successfully been valued as the first gold level station in Taiwan Railway system thanks to its innovative, ecological and environmental building design.



Lighting Design

The goal of design was to create a bright, uniform and comfortable space in the station hall. Therefore, the cool white color temperature lighting is used for the major structure in the station. This creates the atmosphere of the technology, and the sense of speed.  The high-efficiency reflective mirrors installed on pillars that support platform canopy are part of the lighting design, which helps to achieve the design principle of energy conservation and environmental protection.

The traditional style ceiling downlights with low color temperature light source has successfully delivered the sense of long history of Taiwan Railway to the platform area, as well as the surrounding area of the station. Finally, the use of landscape lighting fixtures with the simple inverted cone glass cover design, which enable the luminaire to emits the light gently to accompany passengers late at night on the platform.